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Hi! I'm Braden Fineberg. I am a Systems Engineering student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also on the Dean’s List, a member of the varsity crew team, and I started a technology company, GRASP, during my freshman year of college and Flourish my Junior year. I interned at Matterport, a virtual reality and 3D mapping company on their global growth team. As a Junior, I worked for Tesla on their economic optimization team, developing machine-learning and AI algorithms to automaically trade energy using commercial batteries. Wharton Analytics, Systems Engineering, Data Science has given me the skills necessary to build complex financial analytic decision models. My excitement for data comes from asking the question "now what?" and my drive comes from operationalizing those findings in a company. Post graduation, I will be working full time on Flourish with the team.

experience & Education More about my past

Work experience References Availible Upon Request
March, 2018 - Present

Flourish/Co-Founder, CEO, Product Strategist, Software Architect, Firefighter

May, 2018 - August, 2018

Tesla Inc./Data Science Intern, Econmic Market Optimization

The goal of the Economic Market Optimization Team is to build algorithms and predictive models to optimize performance of Tesla's commercial batteries. While there, I developed an algorithm selection engine that improved battery site performance by 8%-15% per site per month. The selector was based upon work that I completed to improve the baseline market forecasting algorithm by increasing pre-processing and applying dimensionality reduction techniques. In addition, I built an error classification algorithm, boosting Model 3 battery manufacturing yield to 96%+ and created a full stack prototype UI for a commercial product to be released in early 2019.

May, 2017 - May, 2018

Matterport/International Initiatives

My role at Matterport consists of assisting teams with business development and strategy to spur international growth. I did so by developing an internationalization roadmap for evaluation of future international opportunities, building internal data visualization dashboards and business intelligence tools for the sales teams, and compiled competitor intelligence brief.

January, 2017 - March, 2017

Sunlight Capital/Market Analyst Intern

My job was to aid in deal sourcing, deal filtering and transaction execution by: researching industries to develop a pipeline of potential companies for purchase; determining the right opportunities to move forward in the pipeline; and preparing deal summaries for investors

May, 2016 - August, 2016

Valify Health/Business Analyst Intern

I analyzed common hospital spend by: researching common spend to discover commonalities and pricing practices; benchmarking services to find industry-standard quality; and assessing the savings potential of hospitals through KPI benchmarks

2017-2019, expected

Univ. of Pennsylvania/Data Science, M.S.E.

GPA: 3.8/4.0
Selected Coursework: Machine Learning, Artificial Intellgence, Probability, Analytics for Service Operations

2015-2019, expected

Univ. of Pennsylvania/Systems Engineering, B.S.E.

GPA: 3.6/4.0
Selected Coursework: Decision Models, Dynamic Systems, Risk Analysis and Management, Economics, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Algorithms and Data Structures

2011-2015, with honors

School for the Talented and Gifted

GPA: 3.9/4.0
SAT: 2240, 780 Math | 740 English
23 AP Courses with 60+ credit hours
Senior Thesis – Self-Contained Pneumatic Door Opening System

Leadership and Awards What I've Accomplished

Dean's List

I mainitained a 3.75 GPA throughout my freshman year balencing crew and school.

Varsity Crew

I have been a member of the varsity lightweigh crew team since my freshman year.

AP Scholar

Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams.

Hillel Fellow

As an active leader in Hillel, I planed and executed events that strengthened the community.

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